Mona Lisa Arrives in Squamish

The Mona Lisa in Squamish

The Mona Lisa in Squamish

No, not the famous portrait by Da Vinci! It’s the cruise ship currently owned by Leonardo Shipping, that arrived in Squamish 2 days ago. It’s all set to house about 1,100 VANOC employees and volunteers for up to 56 days.

The Squamish Chief covered the ship’s arrival at the Squamish Terminals dock on Jan. 26. I made it over to Nexen Beach, next to the dock, just before sunset this evening to snap a few pictures. The starboard side cabins have nice views of the Squamish Chief and Shannon Falls, while the port side cabins will have views of the Tantalus when the clouds lift.

And of course, there is also the classic song Mona Lisa. Hope you enjoy the YouTube video with Nat King Cole’s original version played against Mona Lisa related images.

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