Grand Canyon Rim To Rim – Afterwards

Enjoying a double scoop after R2R crossing

Enjoying a double scoop after R2R crossing

What better place to start my story than at the end 🙂

I had just spent 8 hours and 37 minutes (including breaks and warm-up power walk) on the trail crossing the Grand Canyon from the North Rim to the South Rim. This is a total of about 24 miles (40 km. for you young metric folks, but this is the last conversion I do for you), descending about 5,800 feet down to the Colorado River in the first 14 miles or so on the North Side. I then crossed over a bridge to the South Side of the river and ascended about 4,500 feet to the South Rim via the Bright Angel Trail.

Many thoughts (or visualizations) went through my mind as I slowly walked the last few miles, climbing a couple of thousand feet on the Bright Angel Trail, in the mid-afternoon heat of Tuesday October 12:

  • must have ice cream 😀
  • must have beer 🙂
  • must have head examined for doing this 😉
Made it to top of South Rim after 8+ hours!

Made it to top of South Rim after 8+ hours!

Of course, the ice cream thought won the battle to be my first priority upon reaching the end of the trail. It was helped along by the fact that the Bright Angel Lodge ice cream parlour is one of the first places I saw with my glazed eyes as I finished up on the South Rim. It is literally within spitting distance of the Canyon, although I did not confirm this fact myself.  

Prior to indulging in my ice cream reward, I also had to get an obligatory picture to show I made it to the end of the trail! I asked the first tourist I saw to take a picture of me at the trail head, using my iPhone. He admitted it was the first time he had done so with this type of device, which shows with his fingers partially covering the top of the lens in the picture to the right.

Enjoying fine meal at El Tovar later in the evening

Enjoying fine meal at El Tovar later in the evening

This last picture on the left is a few hours later in the day – after I checked back into the Bright Angel Lodge, washed up and had a nap! I was still famished and had not yet fulfilled my second visualization of a post-hike beer. I had the foresight to have previously made a dinner reservation in the fine dining room at the El Tovar Hotel. The picture is of my ribeye steak dinner and beer, part of a wonderful 3-course meal to celebrate my Rim To Rim (R2R) crossing earlier in the day.       

More details of the actual crossing itself to come later – stay tuned! In the meantime, I have uploaded data from my Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS unit that I used during the R2R crossing. The output is here – lots of data, pretty charts and maps! Although I am skeptical of the overall stats for total elevation and distance, as they seem to differ from the published stats.

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