It’s not about the weight…

…or is it?

Don’t know about you, but my weight has always gone up and down throughout my adult life

  • rock-solid 190-200 lbs while playing rugby in my early 20’s
  • much softer 200-210 lbs when I no longer played a few years later
  • a lean 170-180 lbs when I took up running in my late 20’s and through most of my 30’s (although I took an unhealthy anemic dip to 158 lbs for a very brief time)
  • back to a softer 200-210 lbs when I took a break from running in my early 40’s
  • hovering between 190 and 200 for most of the next decade as I got back into regular aerobic exercise and a healthier diet/lifestyle
  • ballooning to a lifetime high of 242 lbs in January 2010, a month after turning 53

This had to stop! I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, and the last 30 months has been a roller coaster ride on the bathroom scales as I looked to shed the excess pounds I was carrying around. Here are some pictures to illustrate the point:

Here’s another way to look at my weight progression of the past 30 months in a graph:

So, today I celebrate the fact that I have dropped 50 lbs over the past 30 months! I am extremely thankful and appreciative of all the support I’ve had from family, friends and others along this journey to get me to this milestone.

But, is it really about the weight? I think not, at least in my case. The weight I carry at any point in time is dependent on many factors, and not all of them part of my physical being. It is also influenced by other aspects of my being – mental, emotional, financial, relationship, career, … With this increased awareness of how all these aspects affect my weight, I am hopeful I can get off this roller coaster ride of many decades now!

Time to put away the bathroom scales 😀


  1. #1 by John on June 3, 2012 - 7:04 pm

    Congrats Enzo! I’ve been on a similar ‘journey’ recently as well, dropping about 35lbs in the last few months. My happy place will be somewhere around your goal.

    I’ve specifically tried to not focus on the weight though (I don’t even own a scale) but rather just a reevaluation of my lifestyle, eating & drinking habits, etc. since a diet isn’t sustainable longterm.

    I’ve actually been quite surprised how easy the transition has been, it just took some focus to get on the path.

    We need to catch up soon….perhaps with a low carb beer 🙂

  2. #2 by enzo on June 3, 2012 - 9:11 pm

    Hey John, good to hear from you!

    I had seen on FB about your weight loss the last few months. Congrats on that to you too!

    I’m back in the office starting tomorrow, so let’s definitely get caught up soon…though I’m not sure I’ll make my beer a low-carb one 😉

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